The radical changes in the technologies used by organizations

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The radical changes in the technologies used by organizations


Question 1

The radical changes in the technologies used by organizations have introduced mechanisms that enhance the growth of international business. Most organizations in the current world strive to make their businesses international. This has led to a rapid growth of international businesses. Competition at the domestic and international levels is always stiff, so firms have to extend their market borders. They also have to utilize unique strategies of maintaining their customers and creating new relationships with others. As a result, management functions are affected. To achieve these objectives, firms require alterations within their management functions.

The organizational structure for international businesses is not the same as that of local ones (Brady, 2010, 176). The management requires efficient planning and control to ensure smooth running of the business in all its market regions. The management needs to make regular changes to accommodate the international growth. This is also necessary to avoid using strategies that are not responsive to the foreign market. It also has to increase the number of staff members to enhance productivity. The management must also use efficient ways of managing its staff. International businesses may require the locals of a region to work in their branches. This encourages the growth of sales because people feel emotionally satisfied when they deal with individuals they can relate with. The management also requires skill to deal with various groups of employees. They should learn different cultures to avoid interfering with the beliefs of a group of people, especially when assigning tasks. It also needs to engage in regular training of employees to keep up with the growing technology.

International businesses involve more decision making than domestic ones. The management should employ strategies that will help maintain international markets. Organizations that operate as global businesses should have decentralized international operations. This enhances decision making at lower management levels since the global organizational structure of companies involves a vast population of employees. This saves time because the higher management only left with critical decisions to make. It also ensures that the business focuses on market driven imperatives instead of irrelevant issues.

Communication is also an essential factor in international businesses. The firm has to ensure that all its branches in the world can communicate efficiently for proper supply of products and services. The management may have to lengthen its communication channels because timing is critical in the international market. Research is also essential to determine market regions. The management should search for market regions that relate with their products. International businesses grow rapidly, so regular research is necessary to improve products and also introduce new ones. The firm will require an efficient research team to identify target markets for a firm’s products. It helps to gain a competitive advantage among firms. The growth of international businesses demands regular change of equipment and technology used in production. The growth of international businesses also requires adequate and efficient strategies for dealing with situations such as global economic decline.


Fredrick Winslow Taylor came up with the scientific management approach, which involved the relationship between labor and management (Naidu and Rao, 2008, 13). The general objective of an appropriate management is to provide high wages and maintain low production cost. These objectives require application of scientific research methods and experiment that enhance formation of principles and processes that improve manufacturing operation. Employees require equipment and working conditions to reach a scientific standard. Training is also essential for improvement of skills and average output. The management and workers also need to cultivate a close and friendly cooperation to the goals of scientific management. The principles of Taylor’s approach addresses aspects such as harmony between the employees and the management and the development of the workers. Before Taylor came up with his approach, managers did not have a way of determining the preferred speed for a job. They used past experiences to guide them through the process. Taylor provided a solution for this problem. According to him, work should be broken down into its constituents to get rid of those that waste time. The time study analyzes the constituents of tasks and also determines aspects such as future principles and amounts of pay. This contribution is essential in management because for a firm to progress, the workers have to receive fair pay, which is equivalent to the amount of work they do. Managers should also have an appropriate way of determining setting goals for workers to achieve.

Taylor also introduced standardization of tools for efficiency. Before his discovery, many workers used private tools that were not fit for the tasks they performed. Taylor advocated for standardization of tools because different tasks require a variety of tools in terms of size and efficiency. Taylor also ensured that every worker is assigned an amount of work based on the outcome of the time study. His definition of management is understanding what an organization requires from its employees, and then ensuring that they produce quality work in the cheapest way possible. He also claimed that any management needed to create a design for a job and the tasks associated with it. This should have written instructions and an allocation of time. Employees who meet the requirements should get high wages while those who do not should get a basic wage. Taylor also introduced t.............

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