The quote “not only that religious beliefs lack rational support

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The quote “not only that religious beliefs lack rational support, but that they are positively irrational, that the several parts of the essential theological doctrine are inconsistent with one another” by Mackie provoked widespread debate on the topics about God and evil in the society.  Mackie argument is based on the argument that philosophical reasoning can be effectively applied to support God nonexistence’s logic.  A clear explanation of the ‘problem of evil’ can help support the claim. Mackie argued that the theological propositions about God’s omnipotent, wholly goodness and existence of some evil cannot all be true.  The two propositions given by Mackie are “if something is wholly good, it always eliminates as much evil as it can [and if something is omnipotent, it can do anything”.  These propositions deduce that beings can be free and always do what is right. Since God is viewed as all powerful and want free beings, it is likely that God could have not created a world with evil.  Mackie argued that to solve the problem of evil, one of the five arguments must be wrong and must be eliminated.  An adequate solution can be given from a theologian angle, arguing that God does not exist. The fallacious solutions would be to ignore the principles that cause the denial of God’s existence, and offer no response to the problem of evil.

The arguments by Macke are not right. From the arguments by Macke, it is logically possibly for God as omnipotent being to eliminate all the evils in the world. If this argument is deductively logical, the same God would have similar reasons to permit evil in the world.  The aim of God is to ensure prosperity and divine life of the beings.  The existence of evil in the society and the dilemma   in the   perceive inconsistencies in the ex.............

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