The Purposes Of Retribution

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The Purposes Of Retribution


Retribution programs are set up to correct people who go against the law of justice. It is normally set for individuals who do something that is illegal to the countries’ laws. For this case, the offenders suffer for the wrong-doing; the aim of retribution is to take action to people who infringed the rights of individuals by deserving an appropriate penalty. This paper tries to analyze the purpose of retribution programs conversely to the appropriate ways of how those purposes can be accomplished; it also illustrates some methods of retributive justice models which are applied to the offenders.

Some philosophers have come up with dissatisfy idea arguing that retribution has fitness and some rightness in relation to it. They have tried domesticating it in many ways. Other philosophers argue that, retribution is a form of logical components of punishments. While others say that, there must be bound that brings it, with assured exceptions. However, other philosophers combine retribution and punishment as one thing, for this reason there are various rules that logically bounds up retribution. The rules alternatively, should be bound up by social groups who exist. All those arguments from different philosophers contribute to the justification of punishment as they contrast to the people who try to rationalize it on various kinds of consequentiality grounds whilst regarding punishment as an obligatory evil, conversely in itself, because it sometimes involves pains and unpleasantness, although it is justified as being a deterrent.  Therefore, for this case, some arguments of the philosophers allowed retribution to be the purpose. In most cases, retribution is normally seen as unpleasant visitation to wicked, but the basis of those concepts fails to lie there. The logical idea here is that, the guilty has to offer something to the person who is injured (Shoham, 2007).

Retribution program is important since it satisfies the community sense in form of justice as well as, desert. However, it may be of disadvantaged to the affected members in terms of how expensive it is, for example, there are tough prisons which are costly, it also inhibits the individuals change or improvement. Retribution on the other hand, tends to make the offenders to be more dangerous given that there is severe and harsh punishment that are set to them. Another purpose of retribution is to make sure that people try to stop their weird behavior that dictates the law by making sure the non-conformity may always cause them severe pains while comfort will always grant them the pleasure.

Methods of retribution using the justice model

Retributive justices on the other hand are philosophy of the virtues and desert. People should always receive all that they deserve. In short, they deserve the fruits of the labor if they work hard, while those people breaking the law deserve punishment. Conversely, people should be treated as the same way they choose to treat others. Retribution using the justice m.............

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