The purpose of a conducting a business strategy is to make a

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The purpose of a conducting a business strategy is to make a business fit into its environment. In the event of doing so, it is hoped that the business will prosper and survive. The business strategy is a process that involves certain processes. An effective globalization involves three levels of corporate activity strategy, culture and people.


The human resource department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that work being done at all levels of the organisation are delivered accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively or else it undermines the human resources’ ability to be seen to add value through more strategic work. If the basic administrative human resource processes are not in good order, especially on sensitive issues such as executive pay, no strategic contribution is likely to be considered of value until the administrative problem has been fixed. If the problems recur, the credibility of the human resource team is likely to be at stake. Transformation of the human resource is increasingly coming to be seen for what it is: a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. That end must be to build successful organizations that are able to compete effectively, as well as address short-term demands. It is significantly important that the human resource department is able to identify and address some of the people issues that will affect their organization’s success beyond the short-term. According to Holbeche (2009), today’s global trends suggest that competition for scarce talent is going to increase, that competitive advantage can only be sustained through the skilful development and performance of highly talented and engaged employees. Therefore today more that ever should be an era in which the human resource department can make its mark as a contributor to business success.

A successful general manager in the human resource office must have a high tolerance for ambiguity, excellent negotiating skills and a good feel of what matters to each partner or client depending on the situation. In addition, a.............

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