The Purpose And Significance Of The Study And Reason For Using A Qualitative Approach

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The Purpose And Significance Of The Study And Reason For Using A Qualitative Approach

One of the most important elements of a growing and sustainable economy is by far the definition of its healthcare system among other important aspects. The purpose of this study is to reveal the missing link in the US healthcare system, which makes the status of the country to paradoxically perform poorly despite massive economic muscle. Among the best run healthcare systems in the world today, it has been demonstrated that the financial element of the industry implicates the type of service provided. It therefore implies that the financial and economic decisions made by the government and policy makers determine the level of quality in the service provision. In this study, the American healthcare system is considered in determining why it is among the most expensive in the world yet the quality of delivery is negatively related to this financial fact (Chantrill, 2011).

The significance of this study is to demonstrate that the quality of healthcare provision is determined by a combination of healthcare decision making stakeholders in a balanced input. Without inclusion of the right contributors in the decision making, huge industries as the US healthcare system are deemed faulty and ironically incompetently run. The reason for using qualitative approach in definition of the research problem is in the need to give an answer to the question; why the American healthcare case can be likened to deficiency amidst plenty. The qualitative resolution to this case rolls back on the quality of comprehensive decision and policy making (Johnson, 2010).

Describe the qualitative methodology

Qualitative methodology of choice in the study was case study comparisons for simple indicators of performance and the state of healthcare in the UK and in the US. The choice of these two countries was perhaps arrived at due to the many aspects of excellent standards in essential services at the national and international levels in both countries. For instance, in terms of disaster management, the respective national departments in the two countries have demonstrated enough capacity to deal with the challenges involved at the international level. However, it is a different case in healthcare since the UK systems seem to be credited for relatively higher excellence than that of the US. In fact, some other smaller economies in the world than these two countries have performed better in healthcare than the US raising the question why this is the case. In the case study, only a few elements of the healthcare systems are considered for making the necessary inferences as to why there is laxity of the American policy to deal with healthcare challenges with the same interest as in other national services.

In the case comparative study processing, financial contribution into the service by the government in relationship to the performance of the national economy are highlighted for the two countries (Chantrill, 2011). Alternatively, the role of management of healthcare s.............

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