The Public Relations Culture

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The Public Relations Culture
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The Public Relations Culture
1. Culture could affect the public opinion to be either for or against a certain issue. The conservative members of society will base their opinions about the emerging issues on culture and will tend to avoid being dynamic. The less conservative ones with adjust to the new changes and will be therefore more open minded and not rely entirely on culture. Gender affects public opinion as well. Men are more submissive and are easier to convince than women as women like to get into details before making up their minds. Ethnicity or race also affects public opinion. African Americans and Hispanics are generally rebellious and like opposing issues. They are more likely to oppose issues through their opinions. The white Americans, at least most of them, look at both sides of the coin before coming up with their opinions. Most religions preach humility and understanding to their followers. Those who are deep into their religion tend to be more understanding and accommodating. They spot good where others see evil. Their opinions are therefore more likely to be positive.
2. Combining qualitative and quantities research improves the evaluation as limitations of either quantitative or qualitative research are balanced by strengths of the other. Moreover, one can use one can use qualitative research methods to identify areas under investigation then use the information they obtain to come up with quantitative research which would assess how the factors would assess the user preferences. The combination is also a good way of producing quality assurance or a research methodology that is treatment methodology based.

3. Cultural literacy .............

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