The pros and cons of the United States

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The pros and cons of the United States America intervention in other nation’s activities
In the world today, different nations have the right to be an oversight of other countries. The United States has a government with separate functions and powers (Cohen 12). The Department of State in the executive branch implements legislation on foreign affairs. The successful implementation of this legislation depends on political assessments, involving conflicting national interests, as well as established and delicate concerns of the executives involved. Certainly, there is a gap between regulation and implementation, mainly when the policymaking individuals are not only considerate to the law (Haass 5). This paper examines the pros and cons of the United States America intervention in other nation’s activities, especially when human rights are on the verge of being violated. In addition, it will examine the different scholary research work to acertain facts on the main idea of the essay.
According to the international laws that govern human rights, governments have the right to exercise their democratic freedom. The universal law of human rights forces obligations of States in the exercise of their domestic autonomy. Under the United Nations Covenants, the Universal Declaration, the Helsinki accords, and the European and Inter-American Conventions, states have a well-defined and established role to respect fundamental liberties of persons within their prerogative (Haass 11). It is based on the obligations that the government has a duty not to support another country that is involved in violations of globally accepted human rights.
According to the PBS (7), the United States has had several interventions in the Middle East. Though the physical distance between the two regions is vast, the U.S. presence makes it look as though they are neighbors. The United States have for many years been intervening in the conflicts that arise in the Middle East because of their great threat to humanity and human rights. Human rights are frequently violated by governments in the Middle East, in countries such as Iran, Israel, Palestine and further Africa in Egypt. It is noted that in most cases the U.S. is protecting their interest, which is oil deposits from the Middle East.
The United States government should intervene in other nation’s affairs with the aim of stopping the various conflicts that happen in these countries. There are certain actions that are taken by countries such as the use of chemical weapons on its population because of an impending revolution or riots (PBS 11). It is such cases that the United States is supposed to intervene and help save the citizens of that country and the situation at large. Through the intervention, many deaths would be avoided, and the perpetrators of the violence against the citizens will be brought to book and peace will prevail in the nation again.
According to Hsieh (3), for the United States to safeguard its national interest, it sometimes needs to intervene in other countries’ affairs. The United States gets various commodities from different regions across the world, including oil, cars, and food staffs among others. When this channel is destroyed by civil unrest and civil wars in which human rights are grossly violated, the United States will also lose because the prices of these goods will rise. In the case of the Rwandan Genocide early intervention would have saved a lot of lives and prevent destruction of property (Hsieh 5). It is based on this that the United States should intervene in most of the foreign nation’s conflict in order to avoid such unnecessary increment that might happen to products within the U.S, which might increase the standards of living.
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