The Process of Information Technology

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The Process of Information Technology
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In the early 1950’s and 1960’s, information technology was a little known phrase that was used by those who works in the places like hospitals and banks to describe the process they used to store the information. The paradigm to shift the paperless workplaces and computing the information technology has come to a household phrase. Information technology define an industry that uses the networking, software programming, computers and other processes and equipment to process, retrieve, store, protect and transmit the information (Thomsett, 1980).
Information technology process
The figure below shows the process of information technology (James, 1997):

Process of Information Technology

The process of the information technology has 5 processes (Lewis P, 2000). They are:
1. IT operations and infrastructure.
2. Security of information.
3. Communications.
4. Applications.
5. Business process management system (John, 1982).
Physiological layer: information technology operations and infrastructure
Workers should not try to sell the new services or applications to their boss if the servers are shut down every week, the network of data is not able to support all the needs of business or the wait hours of end users and the days to solve their incidents of information technology (Baker, 1988).
Safety layer: information security
After the infrastructure is extended and if it is working smoothly, then the business require its difficult information to be protected. If the procedures of information technology or the Information Security cannot provide the required level of security to manage the information electronically, they should be sure that the confidence in their IS is lost and the other alternatives is found.
Social layer: communications
In today’s business the response time of people’s server of the internet or the easiness to contact with their technical support, can make the customers to love their products. This layer not only covers the front end of customer but also the back office of their systems and the way they open to their providers through the use of standard protocols to exchange the data.
If people can get their forecast of demand automatically back in their own system there is a restructure of solid network of partners for the business who are rising to work in their company (Davidson, 1998).
Esteem layer: applications
A lot of enterprise is performing well for the previous layers, without a named CIO. The skills of the information distributed through the department are possible to survive, with the help of some external consultancy. The risk is to develop a cluster of information, with the difficulties to get an integra.............

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