The problem with justice

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April 26, 2012

The problem with justice

What are the tensions that are indentified in those readings?

  1. The tensions identified in these readings are
  2. Man is never free as he may like to be.
  3. There is no absolute justice.
  4. The world must have a responsible form of control for its existence.
  5. Human beings are segregated into social stratums

What are the values they assume or describe, and how do they inform or conflict with your sense of justice?

The literature presents a very contentious issue of justice in the world. Hardin (124) claims that there can never be a common justice where every human being is given his or her equal share. He likens the earth with a space ship which he claims must have a captain for it to make any milestone. This captain is likened to the world powers who must establish a responsible system of control. Thus, uncontrolled immigration and depletion of natural resources cannot just be permitted on the basis of administering common justice to the people.

In his social contract theory, Rousseau attempts to define what justice could be by distinguishing between natural and civil rights. He says that “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains (Rousseau 134).” This statement depicts that there is no absolute justice as ma.............

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