The probable changing role of the trade union movement in the United Kingdom over the next ten

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The probable changing role of the trade union movement in the United Kingdom over the next ten years

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According to Kelloway and Julian (1998), labor union can be defined as group employees in an company or organization whose aim is to fight other members’ interests, normally salary improvement and better working conditions. Unite formed in 2007, serves both British and Irish. The union was as a resulting of the merging Transport and General workers’ union and amicus in 1 May 2007. The Union’s current general secretary is Len McCluskey. In 2008, the union merged with united Steelworkers to form Workers Uniting that represents more than three million members in Caribbean, North America and Ireland. The union has retained its identity and branding in the United Kingdom. This Report contains recommendations for potential strategies that UNITE may adopt in order to facilitate the interests of its membership.

Labour unions
The report attempts to define labor unions and labor relations and critically analyzes their impact on organization. The report analyses the effects of changes, various employee aspects ranging from relation strategies, policies and practices on performance of Unite. Labor relations are the connections between employees and union management. Labor relations deal with all aspects relating to terms of employment. It is therefore crucial as stated by Stephen and Donald (2004) to understand the capability of Unite to adapt to technology changes, globalization and political environment. It is the union members that govern a given labor union. The main objective of a labor union is to represent its members to the employer for welfare of other members. Whitney (2008) states that it is the union leadership to tackle matters in relation to working conditions, disciplinary procedures, privileges, and employment contract. Unite is an international with objectives of protecting its members’ welfare. As stated by Whitney (2008), Unite like other labor unions in United States, Unite has statewide and global connections but do not have political connections.

Significance of Unite
In the past, working hours and wages were negotiated by employers and personal employees. This was due to the reason that social-economic and legal environment never favored union formations by employees. As a result of the lack of labor unions, various employees have been abused by the employers. This is among the reasons UNITE was formed to fight for employee rights. For harmony in an organization, three regulations have been formed .............

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