The Pro’s and Con’s of Legalizing Light Drugs

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Legalizing Light Drugs






The debate about the legalization of light drugs has raged for a number of years across every country on the globe. However, many nations have reminded adamant for the obvious risk of creating disturbances and weakening governance systems in those countries. The consumption of Marijuana is often associated with unruly behaviour among mobs and for that reason, its consumption suffers extensive political sanction. The amounts of literature in history that point towards its potential benefits far much outweigh the evidence weighted for its regulation and prohibition. Since the late 1930s, many governments have tended to make marijuana illegal[1]. Although marijuana and most light drugs have positive and negative consequences on the consumers, they somewhat thrive in a black market in all the countries across the globe and the war in their consumption and regulation might never be won ever.

First, the most important aspect of Marijuana is that it very useful in the alleviation of adverse pain in patients. It has also been found that marijuana helps sort patients suffering insomnia and loss of appetite because it is a great appetite booster. The plant has a great other number of medicinal uses ranging from the cure of cancer and other mental conditions to that of generally improving the lives of the users under regulated circumstances[2]. Another important use to which the drugs can be put is that they create employment to a good number of poor people working in their illegal cultivation. The light drugs help in the promotion of socialization which is important for the survival of many subcultures. Without subcultures and outer groups to the cultural mainstream, civilization would crumble from within. Marijuana has been claimed to aid HIV/ AIDS patients in a number of the symptomatic maladies. Recent researches also associate the drug to effective management of mild cancer[3].

A big problem with the use of marijuana and other light drugs is that they are associated with crime and unruly behaviour among consumers. It has been noted that the black markets in which these drugs thrive are a pool for the induction of criminals and the formation of criminal gangs. Cannabis and other light drugs have been accused of the tendency to initiate mental conditions and are frequently cited for reasons of violence orientation among given personalities[4]. Since the drugs are still illegal in many countries, their possession and use results in imprisonment or damages in terms of fines and levies. Many light drugs cause a number of social and psychological problems to their users and hence are undesirable despite some of their cited advantages[5]. Users must be very cautious since governments have banned them; there are no meaningful literature and research to guide their ef.............

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