The Principles Guiding General Education

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The Principles Guiding General Education

From the principles guiding general education, it is evident that advances in institutional renewed interest and technologies in the unstable dynamics of instructional events keep on influencing the manner in which we design, design and progress our educational systems. Critical changes are however necessary in the way we perceive the roles of both students and instructors. From both the general education and distance education framework, new standards put in place based on increased interactive learning, student-centered curriculum, integration of new technology into the education system, as well as collaborative study activities. The backbone of these changes is an examination of the core principles of the things that comprises quality instructional interaction.

Without a good understanding of the aforementioned principles, decisions will be arrived at based on methodologies or merits of the technology without prior consideration of the potential and long-term benefit to the student. The identification and subsequent articulation of the learning objectives and goals avails the foundation for the instructional delivery, .............

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