The Primary Care Clinic

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The Primary Care Clinic




It is essential to power community based health policies at a primary level since this strategy reduces the aggregate medical costs in the society. This approach strengthens the wider national commitment in developing a working healthcare policy. Community based clinics enroll reliable, affordable and effective health management strategy. This document will examine the role played by Primary Care Clinic in providing sufficient healthcare services in the community. Also in tally, the paper scrutinizes the relationship between healthcare policies and Primary Care clinic internal organization goals. To achieve this, the paper accesses the organizational background of Primary Care clinic. This section attempts to examine factors that influenced the development of the clinic. Secondly, the paper establishes a mission statement, which in this case scrutinizes internal organization goals and objectives. To examine the relevance of the mission statement, the paper introduces performance measures that are applied to achieve the mission statement. Fourthly, the paper verifies micro-economic decisions applied to accomplish clinic expansion programs. Fifthly, the paper discusses the role of a community based clinic in fulfilling visions of the large healthcare delivery system. In this section, the paper accesses how the healthcare has influenced the formation of outpatient clinics.

Background of the Clinic

This clinic was developed to respond to rising demands of medical services in rural areas. The government has through its macroeconomic policies; for instance, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PPACA (2010) managed to reaffirm its commitment in providing considerate medical services. These policies are vital in reducing the total medical costs required by each household. Conversely, economic factors were a close reflection in commencing this clinic business. Singh & Shi (2009, p. 85) argues physicians are more likely to concentrate in metropolitan areas because these areas offer greater prospects for living standards and access to modern facilities; for instance, technology. The problem created here is that patients are often challenged in mobility, and in any event the cost of movement in terms of time and financial cost is astronomical. In addition, this clinic seeks to off-set clinical labor shortages eminent in American medical industry. Labor statistics predict the number of nursing positions increases at an annual rate 23 percent. Affected positions are physical therapists, radiological technicians, and epidemiologist and home health aides. The central economic policy of this clinic is geared to provide; continuous health assistants from patients who have been dismissed from large hospitals. The clinic also targets to reduce the backlog experienced in large hospitals, which in most cases are as a result of prolonged or recurring illnesses. This clinic is economically empowered to handle demands of this community. Primarily, the clinic operates two sites and overall of 69 employees; thus proving its ability to handle demands of this society. Social factors still forms the basis of this clinic. This is the consideration that American societies are predominately challenged by rapid medical conditions. This clinic not only provides medical provisions but also provides consultancy in fields related to medicine. Satellite programs include; environment, diet and exercise. Medically, the clinic provides first aid services, diagnosis, medication, hospitalization, treatment and minor surgeries to all ages.

Mission statement

The mission of this clinic is to provide the community with reliable health services at a 24 hours service. The mission explains the vision which reinstates the commitment of this clinic in ensuring a healthy local economy. To achieve the mission and vision, this clinic has developed key values, goals and objectives. The central goals include; providing assessment to clinical conditions professionally, also inline with healthcare policy expectations. This calls for the integration of best practices, qualified professionals and creation of a coherent clinical environment. Secondly, it is vital to reinstate the mission statement to ensure that patients and their relatives feel satisfied with the clinical services offered. To accomplish this, our key values will be based on integrity, honesty, and hospitality. This is parallel to our deeming that patients want to be cared for proficiently. Thirdly, this clinic attempts to instigate a family like environment. This will ensure that patients do not feel far away from home as this might be regressive to the medication being provided. This mission statement is comprehensive because of its ability to integrate; political, economic and social considerations. It is prudent to affirm that this clinic is looking for the greater good of achieving a health sufficient economy. The larger benefits are the total reduction of health bills, and in any case, treatment budgets can be directed towards imperative situations; for instance, fitness. Finally, the mission statement is structurally succinct, pragmatic and relevant to the current macro-economic situation.

Performance measures

The mission statement may not be successful if the appropriate performance measures are not established. Boltz (2012, p. 17) argues that performance measures should be objective, and data collection must be easy and burden-less as possible. Performance measures will ensure the clinic enrolls best practices as required by the International Standard Organization ISO, government organizations and other independent industrial standards. To accomplish coherent results, this tool will be vital in dissecting and collecting information regarding our services. In any case, information is internally or externally inspired. This document highlights strategic performance measures which will be inversely applied to achieve sufficient results for this firm. Our chief performance measure is safety. This is based on the knowledge that we are providing health services to human beings where life protection is paramount. Secondly, efficiency is very integral based on the consideration that this clinic is attempting provide world class services at a reliable cost. Thirdly, this organization will be providing time sensitive services. This applies to emergency response units and improved time conscious medication plans. Fourthly, it is integral to ensure that productivity is achieved on a timely basis. This will warrant that proper service orientation is carried out regularly with an objective to boost the firm revenue base. To ensure that performance measurement will be achieved, this document proposes the use of Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis mechanism. SWOT analysis will be vital in determining the appropriate strategy to be employed by this clinic. In this case, the clinic establishes pros and cons as well as utilizing the available resources for maximum productivity.

Clinic expansion and annual plan approval

This clinic has been handling challenging cases periodically. Therefore, the necessity to expand is paramount as a central objective for the coming financial year. To expand the clinic, the Research and Development department will be required to investigate viable opportunities to focus on. I would approach decisions concerning clinical growth by stressing on the necessity for the expansion as based on social and economic merits. In consideration, this clinic will need to enroll a franchise mechanism. The franchise mechanism will ensure that staff members partly own the clinic. The shareholdings investment capital will be channeled towards critical projections. Secondly, it is prudent to fo.............

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