The Potential Marketing Landscapes For Organic Wines

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The Potential Marketing Landscapes For Organic Wines


Introduction. 1

Marketing landscape for organic wines. 1

Strengths. 2

Weaknesses. 2

Opportunities. 2

Threats. 3

Micro environmental forces. 3

Suppliers. 3

Company. 4

Marketing intermediaries. 4

Competitors. 4

Public. 5

Customers. 5

Macro environmental forces. 5

Economic factors. 5

Demographic factors. 6

Natural factors. 6

Technological factors. 6

Cultural factors. 6

Political and social environment. 7


In recent times people have become more conscious of their health and they are choosing products that are healthy such as organic products. This has also been the case when it comes to organic wines. These wines improve the health of soil and vines at the same time improving the productivity of older vineyards. Organic wines are also beneficial to customers in that the wines are healthy as they contain only a small proportion of preservatives like sulphur which are added to normal wines which cause headaches. This paper will therefore look at the potential marketing landscapes for organic wines. It will also look at micro and macro environmental forces that have an effect on marketing ability of organic wines.

Marketing landscape for organic wines

Marketing involves the understanding of the potential market landscape or market place as well as the needs, demands and wants of the customers, market offerings which involve the goods or services offered in this case organic wines, the value and satisfaction of customers and so on. It involves the designing of a marketing strategy that is driven by customers. Market landscape brings out developments that have been spotted a well as emerging trends that define the situation as it is in the current global landscape. The main focus on the market landscape is a specific geographic territory and the organic wine venture that gives an insight on the entire global market place. Therefore when analyzing the marketing landscape a SWOT analysis of organic wines is inevitable. When managing the marketing function there should be a complete analysis of marketing situation of organization that produces the organic wines.


The Australian wine industry is inclined towards the production of organic wines. This will be very easy when it comes to the marketing of organic wines from Macquariedale as people are getting used to the organic wines that are increasingly being produced in Australia. Macquariedale organic wines produce a wide range of both red and white wines. This will therefore be easy when it comes to marketing of the organic wines as the customers will have a wide variety to choose from. The production of organic wines that are  better tasting  and also have a fruity and clean character .The wines are of high quality as compared to commercially grown wines. This will therefore enable Macquariedale organic wines enter the market easily as and market their wines since the quality of the wine will speak for the company.


Macquariedale organic wines lack a distinctive organic wine brand that they will use when they are marketing. When looking at the marketing dynamics of the company the existence a wine brand is very important. A wine brand that can be made known to customers is a vital marketing tool since it acts as a selling point of other wines that the company produces.


Macquariedale organic wines has  a company website which give relevant information that is related to the business, what they produce as well as promotional activities .the website also allows customers to make online purchases of their products. This is beneficial to the company when it comes to marketing dynamics as it provides the company the opportunity to display its information to the general public and at the same time get customers online. The company also has access to websites that give free information on the process of producing organic wines which is information from other countries apart from Australia. This enables the company to continue producing high quality wine that they will sell in the market. The company also organizes winemaker’s dinner where they offer customers three course meals together with a range of organic wines that are appropriate for each course. Through these dinners, the company has an opportunity to showcase the wines that they offer.


Competition from producers of non-organic wines is a threat that Macquariedale organic wine faces. The idea of organic wines is relatively new in Australia. Most people are still warming up to the idea organic wines therefore it will be a daunting task tying to market the organic wines to the loyal consumers of non-organic wines.

Micro environmental forces

            Micro environment forces are factors that are close to the business and have got a direct impact on the business operations and the success. It is therefore advisable for the Macquari.............

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