The Populist Addiction: By David Brooks

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The Populist Addiction: By David Brooks



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27th October, 2010

Politics is composed of racists who divide the society along ethnic lines, sectarians who divide it on religious bases and elitists or populists on social class. Elitism and populism reflect one another because they fundamentally divide a country and portray politics as class struggle involving the corrupt & the enlightened as well betrayers & those who are pure. These attitudes are common in America dividing people into cultural elite and real Americans. Populists in United States include Sarah Palin a Republican and John Edwards a Democrat.

Politicians become populists because it appears to make things simple initially. Such statement as Goldman Sachs’ stating that economic crisis was as a result of China’s rise which led to global imbalance is from a populist. Populism asserts that free voters are responsible for the problems they have. Absolving average American while accusing investment bankers who has accumulated personal debts is being a populist. Populism is a common phenomenon with the leaders where ruling Democrats believes that voters elect leaders with PhD and dislikes those with M.B.A while ruling Republicans believes that their voters will elect those leaders with M.B.A and dislike PhD holders. The r.............

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