The Political Framework: Systems and Style 1

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The Political Framework: Systems and Style 1



For a great performance in an organization, there has to be an organized interrelationship between the organizational systems, its style, and the strategy structure of the organization. The three parts need to be interconnected for an improved effectiveness and performance to be realized in the organization. This paper discusses organizational style and systems and their relationships in the Coca Cola Company. From a general perspective, organizational style is a function of an organization’s culture. The structure of an organization and cultural structures influence its style and systems. The aspect of organizational culture could be extended to the political influence on the organization further affecting its style and systems relationships.

In the Coca Cola Company, the management style combines teambuilding traits, network of relationships, developing others, as well as motivating others. The company employs the participative management style while ensuring that there are adequate people management skills. The Coca Cola Company is a global business organization that ensures operations on local scales including at the community level (Morris, 2004). The company’s system allows the company creates a global reach while focusing on local communities. The system includes the company itself and about three hundred bottling partners globally. The company’s system is hardly a single entity but encompasses legal and managerial perspectives. The control of the company and the bottling partners is decentralized (Morris, 2004).

The management style in corporate free leadership style whereby anybody in the management can come up with a suggestion concerning a certain act. This type of leadership is what could be referred to as participative management. In participative management style, employees are involved in decision-making and given the encouragement to run their own departments. They make decisions regarding processes and policies. This style in the Coca Cola Company has made it easy for the organization to have plants in various countries that are managed as independent entities (Morris, 2004). This style enables the organization to adjust itself fully in accordance with the business laws and regulations governing businesses in the various countries where the company plants have been established. Whenever it comes to independent management of departments, it is required that employees have the necessary skills for them to run every department within the organization. The company has rich culture and secretes that have to be preserved to maintain its high quality in products and competitive position.

Incorporation of Total Quality Management style makes Coca-Cola Company be in a position of integrating all the functions of its system to achieve high quality products. It targets on ensuring customer satisfaction a factor that makes the company be innovative to create products that are of high quality. The style of leadership and management makes all employees responsible in ensuring the required quality is achieved as a way of enhancing customer satisfaction. The system of management ensures that the management of the company is done by objectives (McMillan, 2013). The Coca Cola’s management by objective could be seen where the organization sets objectives to establish a market where competition is too stiff. One of the areas where the comp0any’s products are facing competition is Russia whereby PepsiCo is the leading brand. The Coca Cola Company is faced with obligations of setting objectives that would see the company gains substantial proportion of the market share in the Russian market for soft drinks.

Management by objectives is a system of management whereby employ.............

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