The political atmosphere which influenced the Russian avant garde

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The political atmosphere which influenced the Russian avant garde

Many Russian artists developed and adopted futurism and cubism during the 20th century’s first decades. Russians, who were not living in Russia, were not influenced by the Avant-garde movements that affected Europe. From the year 1905 until the World War one outbreak, later on, from the October Revolution up to the 1920’s, many key events took place in Russia. They include; Constructivism, Suprematism, as well as Rayonism. The three modes were founded upon geometry and intellectual discipline, and focused on pictorial and theoretical developments. This meant that the modes were similar to those of abstractionism. Therefore, young artists from Russia decided not to be influenced by literature and painting, rather by the various political movements (Ash, 2002.34).

Many artists from Russia attended lectures held by Marinetti as they had admiration for Italian futurism. In the years 1908 to 1909, there were various Golden Fleece Markets and some notable artists had their works shown. They included Mikhail Larionov and .............

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