The political and social tenets of the citizens

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The political and social tenets of the citizens of Sparta had their unique features which were not common in the other Greek cities. However they had some similarities with the Athenian citizen.

The Social and Political Tenets of the Citizens of Sparta

The Sparta’s form government was known as oligarchy which means rule by a few. It had the element of monarchy which is the rule by the kings, elements of democracy seen through the election of council or senators and elements of aristocracy whereby there was the rule by the upper class or the land owning class. Equivalent to the senate was the Spartan gerousia.  (Jackson 78). The basic social tenet was social stratification which groups people into social classes.

There are differences in the social and political tenets between the Spartan and the Athenian societies. The Athenian form of government was limited democracy while the Spartan form was oligarchy. While the Spartans had militaristic values the Athenians valued democracy.. The Athenians had a very open and modern outlook compared to the simple lifestyle of the Spartans. In Athens unlike in Spar.............

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