The poem Turkish Bakery

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Question 1

The poem Turkish Bakery is about earthly love. It is the song of a savant girl who is approached by men at the tavern, the bakery, the temple and the well, and goes with each other to lie in his bower. The human relationship that is exhibited in this poem is the exploitation of a savant girl by men. In the poem, men at the tavern, the bakery, the temple and the well take sexual advantage of the savant girl. They even go an extent of threatening the girl by telling her that if the story spreads, she alone is to be blamed. Additionally, any young girls can turn into a casualty of sexual misuse and numerous young girls, who are being abused, every now and again don’t remember they are being abused. This human relationship shows how men are ready to take advantage of defenseless savant girls in the community.

Question 2

The authors of the Koryo songs wrote their work for different kind of reasons. However, the songs convey emotions as well as critical values and views judgments of society and history. Both intellectual and emotional elements in the songs have been derived from the experience of the writers and their reaction to political, economic, and cultural factors. The songs express the exceptional sentiments that have been formed in a specific social and historic environment.

Sorrow is expressed highly in the Koryo songs and is mainly accompanied by subservience deriving and self-sacrifice from traditional ethical concepts. The songs tend to beautify the sorrow of unreciprocated love and seldom express blame or hate of the unfaithful lover..............

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