The Pigeon Finds A Hotdog

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The Pigeon Finds A Hotdog


Introduction. 1

Thesis statement. 1

Course themes and issues. 2

Application of course themes and issues. 2

Conclusion. 3

References. 4


            There are various authors who have written books which are meant for children as their audience. These books address various issues such as generic conversation of adventure, genre studies, as well as broader cultural contexts like enlightment, multiculturism and Romanism. Among these authors is Mo Willems who has many stories to his name meant for children. One of his works is a picture book known as “The pigeon finds a hotdog”. David Russell wrote a text book “Literature for children” that looks at the various works of authors when it comes to the stories they write for children. His focus however is on the concepts and genres in these books and not the particular authors. The focus of the book is traditional genres of literature meant for children and the chapters are organized in themes.

Thesis statement

This paper will therefore look at the issues which are brought out in the picture book “The pigeon finds a hotdog” it will look at how the picture book addresses various generic conventions such as genre studies or folk tales as well as other broad cultural factors. It will look at the themes that are brought out in the book and if the themes are in line with the various genres that David Russell talks of in his book ‘Literature for children”.

Course themes and issues

There are major genres that are discussed in the course when it comes to the categorization of children’s literature. These include picture books, picture story books, traditional literature, historical fiction, modern fantasy, non-fiction books, contemporary realistic fiction as so on ( Rodermond, Glaister,  & Huston,2003).Therefore David Russell sheds some light on the genres as well as the concepts that are applied by various authors in their books. The course themes together with David L.Russels book can help one make interpretations of the picture book. This is because it will give one guidelines on what to expect when reading a particular genre which in this case is a picture book.

Application of course themes and issues

The course emphasizes on picture books. Picture books contain pictures in each and every page of the book. A picture book might be without any supporting text and the child reading the picture book is expected to make out what the author says through the pictures in the book. There are others that have text alongside the pictures .Both the pictures and words tell the story that as intended. The themes and teachings are brought out through the pictures and words together. This particular picture book contains pictures and words that accompany the pictures which will ensure that the message is fully communicated.


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