The Physician

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The Physician

The movie is all about the wonders of the Orient and the religious extremism; The Physician is a 165-minute movie that is composed of computer-generated images that can capture the tale of scheherazable. The movie was set more than 1000 years ago. Its setting resembles the Viking-era with untouched landscape that captures the eyes of the viewers. The movies denote how the Christians ordains that prayers and to determine how it could cure pain as compared to contemporary scientists who cannot and that medicine is the work of witches and the devil. Though the movies were transformed to HD (High Definition); this is a highly calibrated movie quality, it is full of computer aided techniques. The movie is made up of the features of old tales (George 12).

The movie plot is divided into two pain parts, one was when Rob was young with the mother and at some point the mother dies. This undertaking shows the viewer that despite the skills that Rob had as a foreteller it could not help him prevent her mother’s death. Later the young boy I able to cure people after gaining additional medical knowledge from the Jews.

The movie was all about the undertaking of the medical field. In order to understand the movie The physician, it is wise to elaborate more on the definition of a physician.

A physician is an individual with the mandate of determining the health status of a            person, diagnose the    person and also offer other medical or health advice. Dictionary      definition: A physician is a person who is allowed to practice medicine, which is           concerned with restoring and maintaining the health of human being through study,            treatment and diagnosis of diseases and other complications.

There are several main things that happened in the movie but the m.............

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