The physical manifestation of stress

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The physical manifestation of stress

There are various ways by which people respond when stressed. The symptoms varies from one person to another. A single individual may not manifest with all the symptoms. Such signs and symptoms may be together with Loss of sexual desire. An individual may lose the sexual desire or the ability to do it. This is a reflection of loss of strength and exhaustion that comes with stress. In this case the sexual cycle cannot be complete and as a result, the individuals engaged in it cannot get satisfaction.

Insomnia. This is a medical term that refers to the inability of an individual to get adequate sleep. The sleep wake cycle gets impaired. This condition is often experienced by those under stress.

Dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing. In times of stress, individuals loose the normal body function that aid in the desired continuous secretion of body fluids. Saliva is no exception and as a result of this, the mouth runs dry.

Headache. Headache do occur more often in the individuals experiencing stress episodes

Frequent colds and infections. If stress becomes persistent for quite some time then the person would probably be faced with infections and colds. This is basically an additional feature that emerges from the other presenting symptoms like appetite loss.

Stomach upset, nausea, constipation and at times diarrhea may occur. The listed signs reflects the impairment of the gastrointestinal system ability to function well. It therefore alters digestion process in the affected individual.

Other symptoms may be together with nervousness, ringing in the ear and sweating in the hands and feet. These are a collective manifestation of the altered nervous system operation.

Primary stressors and copying strategies

The much pressure put on students like me to have their target grades achieved. This is mainly academic role that am expected to do. To overcome this, I always have clearly planned and prepared time table of my expected or scheduled activities. This help limit the pressure that builds up when one attempts to do things in a disorderly manner

Pressure to reach a target grade/achievement- could be academic, or.............

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