The Philosophy of Nursing

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The Philosophy of Nursing

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Nursing philosophy refers to a statement of personal thoughts and believes that a nurse considers true to the practice of the nursing profession. It forms the basis of the ethical values we hold during the delivery of nursing services to all clients within and without the hospital setting. Through this values, the vision and mission for the delivery of nursing care be drawn that provides the guidance to all nurses providing the nursing care.

A good nursing philosophy focuses on maintaining quality standards of nursing care acceptable by the nurses providing the care, the patients to which the care is provided and the other stakeholders in the process of care delivery. It takes into account the characteristics of nursing that include nursing as an art and science. As an art, it requires nurses to apply creativity and skills properly in the provision of nursing care to all patients in different situations. As a science, it requires nurses to apply evidence-based scientific knowledge in the provision of quality nursing care using the nursing process.

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