The Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Professional Services

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The Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Professional Services

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United States health care system focuses on delivering quality healthcare services and improving people’s wellbeing. The practices and services offered by U.S. healthcare focus on ensuring patients receive quality care and achieve a better patient outcome. The health care delivery system used in U.S. is unique and very effective. Health care centers must comply with the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Health. The two major components of U.S. health care system are health care delivery and health services delivery (Jonas, Goldsteen, & Goldsteen, 2007). Well, Being Hospital must ensure accomplishment of these components by using effective health care delivery methods. Acquiring drugs for use in the hospital requires a well-defined protocol. Drugs must be acquired from trusted dealers.

Recommended communication strategy

Background and introduction

The proposed communication strategy should focus on the overall organizational goals and objectives. Communication is essential when dealing with supply and sale of goods and services. Get Well Drugs manufactures drugs for use in U.S. hospitals and Well Being Hospital would like to determine the validity of these drugs before buying the for use in the hospital. Effective communication strategies will help Well-Being Hospital communicate with other healthcare facilities in U.S. and determine the validity of Get Well Drugs. Firstly, Get Well Hospital should take time and think about the problem and develop an approach for gathering information from the drug manufacturer. Communicating this information makes the hospital accomplish major concepts such as providing information and solving any confusion that arises.

Situational analysis

Pharmaceutical companies play an essential role in improving people’s health status and prolonging life. The drugs available at market today are more effective compared to drugs offered in the past. The government has put in place strict regulations and requirements that all pharmaceutical companies must comply with in order to supply drugs to the public (Shah, 2010). The strategy focuses on how well the organization can meet its goals, demonstrate success of the organization, effectively engage stakeholders, and promote the understanding of the current situations. The hospital should incorporate technology communication strategy by using the current technological innovations. The internet provides more information about a certain organization or product depending on consumers’ feedback. The communication strategy will focus more on looking for organizations that have ever used drugs from Get Well Drug manufacturers and determine the effectiveness of using these drugs. Communication channels like the social media play an essential role in gathering needed information about the company. The new medical technology adopted by U.S. promotes research and innovation. Use of technology assists in understanding many concepts of health. Additionally, technology contributes to the success of the new generation through promoting effective wireless communication and sharing of information through the web.


The main purpose of developing a communications plan is to create a better avenue for the Well-Being Hospital to effectively gather information about the effectiveness of drugs produced by Get Well Drug manufacturers.

Target audience

The communication strategy targets Get Well Drug manufacturers because the hospital wants to determine whether drugs manufactured at the company adhere to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

Plan for asking questions

             FDA takes the responsibility of ensuring the quality, effectiveness, and safety of pharmaceuticals, medical, and biological devices intended for human use. Additionally, the body takes the responsibility of the safety of cosmetics, food, and radiation-emitting products (PETA, 2014). Well, Being Hospital should understand drug policies and regulations as stated by FDA before acquiring drugs from Get Well Drug manufacturers. The following questions would help the hospital gather relevant information.

Plan for asking questions

  1. Does the manufacturer have a valid license from the Department of Health to manufacture drugs?
  2. Does the manufacturing process comply with the rules and regulations of FDA?
  3. For how long has the manufacturer been producing drugs?
  4. Which other hospitals in U.S. do they supply drugs? What feedback do they receive?
  5. How effective are these drugs in treating different diseases and what effects can they cause to patients?
  6. Is the company ISO certified?
  7. What t.............

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