The personal Statement

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Position Statement

The personal Statement

The present era is a technological era and almost every one in the world is into technology. Almost everything that we use on daily basis is technology or is product of technology.  However some technology affects us negative by reducing our productivity on interfering with our communication to one another.  Such technology is considered to be “dehumanizing”.  However when apiece of technology integrates into our lives seamlessly help us make the best of our abilities by capitalizing our unique strength the technology is said to be humanizing. In this regard humanizing technology can also be perceive as a process of creating technology that are close to human, integrate smoothly into human live, facilitate them to utilize the unique capabilities as well  as tapping the best of humanity.

A humanized technology should be able to meet or serve at least one three basic need derived from the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarch of human needs. The needs in the question are personal growth, safety and security, and human relationships.

I addition to serve at least one of the above need, humanized technology should have a unique ability to enhance lives both individually and collectively as a society.  In this regard the maker of technology must learn and understand what humans want.  For instance in designing an automated teller machine (ATM) the designers and developers of the software should take into account human abilities and desire

First, they should take into account the appearance and ease of use.  They should meat at least one on the human need mention above in addition to efficiency. For instance, since ATM machines involve transfer of money safety and security may be the greatest need this machines must serve in order to humanize their services. The ATM machine should be design to resist vandalism, prevent unlawful access on personal information, provide simple operability, and be strategically located for security purpose.............

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