The Parapsychology Of God

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The Parapsychology Of God

The moment science started gaining roots in the world, spirituality and religion became threatened. The conflict among religion and science has several fronts. For instance, the revolution of corpenican was able to bring out limitations on Biblical geology. An effect on this was to bring down the Christian conceit when it comes to earth centeredness. Later on, the philosophers came to conclude that the mind of human beings was just an epiphenomenon, something to do with autonomy and not of substance (Kennedy, 2002). This therefore explains the immortality prospects. This led to the criticism of the Bible by the scientists such as the Renaissance scholars who included Montesquieu, Voltaire and others who created a lot of mischief through the invention of the comparative religion that started to shake the church dogma.

However, even after all these advances in the scholarship and modern science, the spiritual quest as well as religious believe have continued to be alive and moving on well. The interests in spiritual and religious matters are even stronger. One of the greatest and respected commandments is to love ourselves, God and our neighbors. We are entitled to follow this as a moral obligation (Ford, 2008).

The sixth sense in human beings offers an experimental foundation when it comes to spirituality which is based on the world’s transformed experience instead of the inherited laws. The psychic ability could be the starting point for another approach in spirituality.  Research articles on the relationship between parapsychology and spirituality have been written by several authors (Brier and Giles, 2009). This deal with the history that accounts on the way God was able to rage war on the religion stability in relation to our conceptions in religion through infiltrating the imagination we possess with new impulses and imaginations. The psychic ability for a long time is a main protagonist especially in the thoughts of religion.  The imagination on spirituality becomes energized by the sensibility of psychic which is prosecuted by people maintaining the status quo.

The initial human spiritual experience is confided by priests with the ability to modify their follower’s minds instead of enabling them possess same experiences (Tart, 2004).  The followers are involved in quoting the scriptures instead of maintaining the mentioned love. They always refer to principles in Jungian instead of meditating on their dreams. God is involved in challenging what is referred to as status quo in psychic imagination.

The truth of psychic imagination is applied in death survival. For instance, the taste of after life is obtained through dreams as that is the time subconscious mind changes to conscious one after death. The Eleusian mystery in Ancient Greeks had transformative rituals which they lifted veil on the imagination role of transcending death (Gill, 2006).

This therefore means that parapsychology is a research area in which through the process of breaking the barrier of materialism together with validation of the transcendent reality, the quest for hu.............

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