The metric system

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The metric system refers to a decimal measurement system that is agreed internationally. Logically the metric system is based on decimals which are easy to calculate and remember. The current system is very confusing with numbers and without a specific pattern. America is currently the only industrialized country that has not officially adopted the metric system. This makes it isolated, making it a barrier to trade because it leaves a country disadvantaged. For the current generation converting to the metric system is quite difficult but it will have long term benefits. The metric language was created with a lot of simplicity and ease in mind (Challen, 2010). This is because the only thing that anyone using it is required to do is to divide or multiply by the factors of ten. This makes it very efficient to use unlike the old system.

In the current globalized world we are competing for jobs in both science and mathematics while the rest of the world is using different measurement units. The English measurement system is hindering the USA from international trade because other countries do not want to use it, as they have already adopted the metric system. Lack of fluency in the metric system can obstruct commu.............

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