The Lives and Assassination of Abram Lincoln and Julius Caesar

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The Lives and Assassination of Abram Lincoln and Julius Caesar





There are several men all over the world who are considered great due to the immense contributions they made towards making the world a better place or to improve the lives of their fellow countrymen. There some who gained fame and popularity in fighting for the rights of their people whom they felt were being oppressed by fellow countrymen. There are some who are considered great due to the style of leadership. There are some who are considered great for fighting for the independence of their countries regardless of the methods they used to fight for the freedom whether civil or armed combats.

Research Methods and design

Two of such people who have gained places as one of the great men in the world are Abram Lincoln and Julius Caesar. Even though the two great men came from two different countries and continents, they did share a lot in common from their style of leadership, how they interacted with the people, and even sadly the way and the reasons behind their deaths can be compared. This paper will look at the different aspects of their leadership of the two great leaders. To aid in the research I had to look for books with the history of the two great leaders so as to be able to ascertain their difference and similarity of character style of leadership, reasons for assassination and death of the two great leaders.

Julius Caesar and Abram Lincoln were born in different periods and countries thus their lives were a little different. According to some researchers Julius Caesar was born in the 100 BC in the city of Rome, at the time when Caesar was born Rome was an independent republic. The life of Julius Caesar was not smooth as he lost one parent at a very young age. Julius grew up and enlisted in the army he soon rose through the ranks and became a commander of his own troops. With the assistance of his great army Julius was able to conquer territories; the reason that pushed Julius to conquer more territories was the fact that he knew his name would be remembered forever. Within a few years the power that Julius wielded grew and by the 62 BC he had found his way to finally join the Praetor ship even though many of the senators did not like him as they considered him over ambitious and extremely dangerous (Jeffrey, 2005).

Just as Lincoln, the more Julius gained more power the more enemies he made even though the reasons might not have been the same. The senators saw Julius as a threat to them because of the changes that Julius was making in the country; Julius had the desire to control as much land as possible. He even introduced a very unique law that gave him power to have command of Gaul and Illyricum for a period of five years; on the other hand Lincoln was not power hungry as Julius was. Julius made much of his policies to favor him and not the country this can be proven from some of his quotes “It is more important for Rome than for myself that I should survive. I have long been sated with power and glory.............

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