The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution




The industrial revolution marks a crucial period, when the human society experienced several changes in the social, economic, political and environmental spheres. Several developments became evident during the period, which led to the transformation of human life. In this assignment, the growth of Manchester will be used to identify the environmental, economic, social and political issues that faced mankind at the dawn of the 20th century. In addition, an opinion will be delivered regarding whether industrial revolution represented a curse or blessing to mankind.

The growth of the Manchester became experienced during the industrial revolution. Comparing the urban area of Manchester in 1750 and 1850, the urban area increased vastly. In 1750, the total urban area seemed less developed compared to the development of 1850. One of the areas of development experienced was the growth of infrastructure. There was an increased establishment of railroads and canals, which influenced the lifestyle of mankind (Document 1). For instance, movement of commodities and people became eased up with the development of railroads and canals. This meant that the economy of Manchester grew with a high percentage since the development of canals and railroads enabled trade to flourish. The growth of Manchester during the industrial revolution led to the establishment of buildings, which influenced urban settlement. The urban population of Manchester increased immensely as most people moved to the urban area to do business. Factories developed during the period leading to the movement of people to the urban area to seek employment opportunities. The construction of factories increased employment opportunities, which made families become economically empowered. This helped in improving the quality of life for families since most families could support themselves due to the increased employment opportunities.

The industrialization of Manchester had a vast influence on the social life. The industrialization led to the growth of industries in the region. This increased the wealth of Manchester, which meant that there was increased commitment in the provision of health services. This improved the health status of individuals that made people live longer (Document 3). The agricultural approach changed with the growth of industries in Manchester. Most agricultural practices became highly mechanized leading to increased production, which also influenced the economy of Manchester. The industrial revolution led to the development of manufacturing industries that helped in the transformation of agricultural produce from raw commodities to finished goods. This influenced the economy as it increased the value of trading commodities.

The growth of industries in Manchester led to improved working condition of factory workers. The introduction of machinery into factories eased the working conditions of employees based on industries. This implies that there was convenience in the working environment as employees could carry out their responsibilities with ease without the need to use excessive force. This helped in reducing the mortality and sickness rate amongst empl.............

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