The Iliad, The Sakuntula

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The Iliad, The Sakuntula

In both works, supernatural role is evident; however, the intervention and the different roles played by the supernatural depicts that there is more difference in the theme of supernatural in the two works. This is because, in the Iliad, the supernatural is seen to take full control of everything that happens (Louden 32). This is to an extent that people do not interfere with the actions and influences of the supernatural. However, this is not the case in the Sakuntala since the supernatural is not depicted to play a role in making everything happen. Therefore, the supernatural takes a more central role in the Iliad than in Sakuntula (Louden 36). On the other hand, the role of the supernatural, in the Iliad, is more seen in the intervention of war and fate. However, this is not the case in Sakuntala since despite the supernatural being involved in determining fate, the supernatural does not take a more central stage in the war (Kālidāsa and Arthur 3.............

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