The Iliad, The Knight’s Tale

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The Iliad, The Knight’s Tale

Although both the Iliad and the Knight’s Tale depict heroism, the depiction of heroism is different in context. In the Iliad, there is heroism emanating from the intervention of the deities. The gods are involved in war and also in aggression. This is totally different from the knight’s tale since there is no involvement of gods. War is taken to be a glorifying thing in the Iliad (Wilson 10) which is different in the knight’s tale. The knight’s tale does not in any way encourage fighting as a way of becoming a hero, but war is taken as a way of becoming a hero in the Iliad. Because of the fighting involved in the Iliad, warriors are taken as heroes; however, this is different in the Knight’s tale since there is no involvement of war and warriors do not participate in becoming heroes. The fighting in the Iliad is a depiction of what fighters can do i.............

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