The Ideal Person

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The Ideal Person



Confucius taught several things, but one of the most fundamental thing of them all entails what constitutes an ideal person. According to the Confucius philosophies, an ideal person is a person of good moral character. This was believed as the foundation for the other beliefs of Confucius. Confucius also believed that an ideal person must also have profound respect for worship and sincere respect for his father and rulers. According to Confucius, becoming a servant first is a vital element that teaches a person how to comply and follow orders. This was the reason why he emphasized on obeying rulers and parents (Chong, 2007). Besides, an ideal person is supposed to think for himself under the guidance of distinct rules of conduct according to Confucius. Under the concept of an ideal person, there are several concepts that emerge, which entail ren, li, shu, xiao, and wen concepts.

Ren, in Confucian philosophy, describes the aspects that can be utilized in defining a being as ‘fully human’. Therefore, ren signifies the characteristics of goodness, benevolence, consideration, and empathy. These characteristics are believed to permit a person to be civilized and cultured. According to the concept of ren, individuals should posses proper behavior always. The vitality of the concept of ren is seen in the ‘Five relationships’, which act as the pivot of the Confucian ideology. The relationships include associations held amid ruler and minister, son and father, friend and friend, husband and wife, and elder and younger brothers (Chong, 2007). Ren is only cultivated when these associations are present. The concept of ren directly ties in with the belief of the Confucian.

The li concept is a Confucius virtue that constitutes the morals or etiquette with which a person c.............

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