The Children’s Creative Centre

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The Children’s Creative Centre. 1

New England Farmer’s Council 1

The potty Dance Site. 2

A curriculum cite. 3

Information from the EEC cite. 3

American Red Cross because all staff is first aid/cpr certified. 4

Nutrition. 5

WIC program.. 5

The Children’s Creative Centre

A website for a Children’s Creative Centre creates immense values in promoting the centre and its activities. This enables many new families to be reached as a means of public relations. A thoughtfully created and maintained website enormously helps parents to relate effectively with the management of the children’s centre.

The website will only be a valuable marketing tool if parents can easily find it. The Children’s Creative Centre is affiliated to the following bodies: WIC Program, New England Farmer’s Council, The Potty Dance, EEC site, and the American Red Cross, amongst others.

New England Farmer’s Council[1]

New England Farmer’s Council and affiliated agencies assist migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families, as well as other low income families. It was established in 1971, and has become a multi faceted human services agency with the sole aim of improving the quality of life all over the North East.

The agency also serves inner city; low income groups especially the Hispanics in Western and north central Massachusetts, central Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire.

The Main programs offered are: Home Energy Assistance, Voucher Day Care, Emergency Shelter Assistance, Employment and job training for migrant seasonal workers, Youth programs, AmeriCorps/VISTA, and Youth Mentoring Program. They can help in childcare, heating bills, farm worker support, earning a GED, finding shelter, paying rent, job training, and residential services.

The potty Dance Site[2]

The Wow Kid stuff has a creative team at Kimberly-Clark have a touch of wacky brilliance. They have taken the Potty Dance to the next level. The characters such as reggae man, ballet dancer, and other random characters create a connection between a disco dancer and potty training training diapers.

The Potty Dance has staying power; it provides some of the most adorable ways to talk about the potty.  They offer overwhelming eight versions of the Potty Dance Song that is undoubtedly catchy. The site is comprehensive and includes tools that are friendly to parents such as potty training, mobile application, and even reward points for moms.

It is catchy, cute, and engages Mom’s with rewards and tools. It is very easy to join, use, and very interactive.

A curriculum cite[3]

Promising Practices Network website offers curriculum services that work for children and families. The HighSope Perry Preschool Program outcome areas are Healthy and Safe Children, Children Ready for School, and Children Succeeding in School. The curriculum covers early childhood education program, and is an open framework of educational ideas and practices based on natural development of young children. The program recognizes children as active learners, who learn best from activities that they themselves plan, carry out, and reflect on.

The HighSope Perry Preschool Program, conducted from 1962 to 1997, was provided to 3 and 4 year old African-American children from low income neighbourhoods in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Information from the EEC cite[4]

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