The Cause of Anorexia

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The Cause of Anorexia



The cause of anorexia

The article by Gura, (2009), has the most compelling evidence concerning the increasing contemporary culture of thinness in today’s American women. In a pursuit of Hollywood culture of becoming emaciated, most women have lost their basic survival instincts and welcomed anorexia. To my friends, I urge you to pay attention and listen to what I have just found about the article. In the end, you will get an insight about the shockingly skinny, but seemingly lack of percieveness of American women getting fat, without the knowledge of exceedingly creeping in of the pleasures and anxieties of anorexia.

Subject to the study of anorexia, different scholars are attempting to connect the causes of the condition that has seen women live under the cue culture of wanting to remain thin in their body appearances. Although the anorexic women are claiming that starvation make them energetic by boosting their rates of metabolism, some scholar report from their research findings that the b.............

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