SWOT Analysis of Al Ain Water Company

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SWOT Analysis of Al Ain Water Company

Al Ain water company has emerged as an example of how branding has become a symbol of a company’s qualities. In its 20 years of operation, the organization has evolved its branding strategy to involve various marketing strategies. It has used its brand to build expressive connections and brand communities.

Al Ain water company amalgamation of marketing approach in its branding strategy has seen it partnering with other companies. Al Ain Water Company Company is completely owned by Abu Dhabi based food and Beverage Company the Agthia group (P.J.S.C.) which is listed in the Abu Dhabi market securities. In 2011 the company merged under the consumer business division of Agithia group as AL Ain Food and Beverage (P.J.S.C.).

Al Ain Mineral Water is the number one choice for most UAE world class organization like Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways for their onboard supplies. Leading hotels and proceedings like Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi Formula, One Grand Prix, Atlantis Hotel, RAK Marathon, Kempinski Hotels, Global Village, Emirates Hotel, Jumeirah Group and Raffles Hotel all have made Al Ain Water their choice (Ferrand, 1996). Another example is the official water associate for UAE FA – The exciting new company makes Al Ain Mineral Water the official water supplier to the UAE Football organization. This is the most sponsorship Al Ain Mineral Water Company has been involved in on a company rank. This support provides Al Ain Mineral Water Company with rational possessions rights, and the company has the right to grant a special honor in the UAE FA official competitions each year. In addition to these Al Ain Mineral Water Company will be linked with all the activities of the UAE FA, thus becoming a part of the most esteemed Emirati pride – football. Al Ain Mineral Water Company is the main Sponsor of Al Ain Aerobatic Show, one of the world’s leading non-military air shows, and every year gives free water for more than 75,000 people.

Al Ain Water has been able to set the sort benchmark in in-store commodities and also in introducing new products such as Premium Glass Bottle and WOW Vitamin water (UTM, 2002).

Corporate sponsorship, brand loyalty, hotel contracts worldwide, and an ever expanding fan base are some of the factors that have made Al Ain Mineral Water Company insulate itself against recession. At this point in history, a SWOT analysis of Al Ain Mineral Water Company would involve an examination of its strategies in relation to the current market, sporting airline trends.


Al Ain Water has an tremendously cohesive, strong, and committed working team. In a short period they have become the number one bottled water brand in the modern trade of the UAE. They have been able to productively combined the Capri-Sun company and, in twelve months, make it the top selling water and juice brand in modern trade (UTM, 2002).

Al Ain Mineral Water Company holds a great position at the moment in the sporting industry, for instance in UAE FA football. On Airline, its distributed to every customer on board with many airline services. Al Ain Mineral Water Company also prides itself a high brand equity and loyalty. Brand equity is the increase in the value of a product simply from having an Al Ain Mineral Water Company brand attached to it (Ferrand, 1996). The Al Ain Mineral Water Company logo has become quite attractive to many companies.


One of Al Ain Mineral Water Company weaknesses in its co-branding partnerships is the fact that the sport is outwardly submerging with sponsorships. It currently has more than fifty league sponsors and many more team sponsors. Increase in the number sponsors creates a disorderly environment at the race tracks during signage. The increase has also raised prices meaning that footballers are expected to contribute in other events besides football such as attending marketing functions, signing autographs, and even answering questions (Ferrand, 1996). Another major weakness is that the sports usually take more than one hour which some fans find to b.............

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