Stories tell us who we are

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Stories tell us who we are


The paper aims to examine the role stories play in our cultures, whether they are destructive or not, their educational impact in our lives and my personal opinion about other roles stories play. However, there is a need first to define what a story is, in order to understand how it tells us who we are. Wolf and Perron (135) have defined a story as an account of events such as love, war or death, which can be true or fictitious.  It is important to note that all cultures have stories and, story tellers have been introducing listeners to the beliefs and practices of different groups by the use of the stories. The function of a storyteller is very significant on different cultures and as such, they have maintained an oral narrative system in the American Indian tribes. As members of a culture, we can learn how stories are collected and presented, by understanding the literature of the multicultural language.

Importance of Stories

There are oral narrative and written or printed dependent stories. Though oral stories are often overlooked, they are very rich in cultural values of the American tribes, for example, stories told by the indigenous tribes of North America. Stories have been used to explore the American culture since history and to explain the present trends of the American people. For instance, the story of Martin Luther King Jr has been the voice of the American civil rights against the racial segregation (Kirk 216). Stories have also been used to understand the cultures of different tribes in America. For example, the Story of Chocolate is of great importance among the Mexicans culture and, it has been used in special occasions such as the Easter bunnies, the Halloween candy and the chocolate Santas. Furthermore, stories have been rich in educational knowledge throughout the history. For example, the story of chocolate reveals that the ingredient has been used by the Mexicans for its medicinal value. In Qaxaca, Me.............

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