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I am young international student, who aspires to study accounting at the university level. I seek to obtain valuable accounting knowledge, and in turn, help improve the economy of my country. Moreover, I would have accomplished the goal of making a contribution towards developing my countries accounting as well as business standards. I am confident that by studying at this prestigious university, my future will be successful. The university is known for its highly respected and educated professors in the field of accounting.

Most times students find it extremely hard to understand why companies value accounting. I am confident that I know the real value of accounting, and the reason why I seek to endeavor in this career path. Furthermore, by acquiring education in accounting, I will have achieved one goal in my life. It has taken some time, as well as consideration, before coming at a conclusion concerning studying accounting. In the modern world of business, accounting is an asset, which will enhance my career, and the establishment I will work for. I am extremely motivated to take up an accounting course at your institution, as the education offered is of high quality. By studying accounting at a higher level, I will improve my professional abilities as well as have my expertise improved.

In my country, most of the business people export their products to the United States, as it is a market with valuable resources. There are a number of notable scholars and people who have studied accounting in the United States. The scholars are aware of the importance of increasing and improving their skills in a foreign country. In pursuit of achieving my goal, I will benefit from improving my English skills, and even gaining an international perspective. Most of my family members are involved in business practices and are aware of the importance of accounting. In fact, my father owns a business, and when I am through with my education I will help improve his business. It is due to this reason that my father highly encouraged me to study accounting, as he views it as an investment, which is quite valuable.

While, in high school, I performed especially well in mathematics, and my transcripts can give evidence concerning this matter. I believe that mathematics is a foundation for professional and academic development in accounting. Other than that, I have a thorough knowledge in the social sciences and even computer sciences. I am confident that I will cope well with the demands that come along with studying accounting. It is while in high school that I acquired an educational exp.............

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