Running Head: HLN News with Robin Meade

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Running Head: HLN News with Robin Meade
HLN News with Robin Meade
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The role of media in the global environment has rapidly grown, just like other macro environmental factors. People from all across the globe have come to use and rely on the television media for sending out information and for receiving information. People of different cultural and religious background; have been brought together by the television media. Television media have shaped the course of different issues by influencing perceptions of different people in the globe. The HLN news focuses on the weather, sports, entertainment, travel news, and financial news. It is one of the morning news broadcast widely watched in many countries across the globe. People across the world have formed opinions based on what the television media have broadcasted. The television media enlighten the public.
Personal Perspective:
The media have always given the public the power, which comes with having adequate information. It has thus, benefited those who send out the information and those that are the recipients of the information. Appropriate use of the media benefits all sectors in a country by creating awareness among the people (Eldridge and Philo, 1995). HLN news with Robin Meade is morning news broadcast by the CNN, which ensures that news from different nations gets across the globe. This news show brings the issues in the world closer to every person who watches the morning news. This is how the show aids in making the large world a global one, where people can interact, share information and ideas efficiently. Accurate broadcasting of events happening in the world gives viewers a real connection to the world (Harris, 2009). The media influence the actions of so many people; through the messages that they pass across, for example, people may buy a product after awareness through media advertising. The media, therefore, drives the world because information leads to knowledge. The public is also always in need of more information each new day and thus, the media houses should keep improving their methods of delivering the information to meet that need. This will lead to having an enlightened public (Eldridge and Philo, 1995).
Historical Perspective:
The media enlightens the public, from earlier days and up to-date; the role of media in enlightening the public is significant. The media have had a major impact on the thinking of the public. This impact has yield positive results though there are times when the impact created has resulted to negative yields (Harris, 2009). On the positive impact, HLN news uses visual pictures and recording to pass out a different message to their audience. This has made it possible, for different people, to advertise their products or share business ideas and interact with others from the globe thus making globalization rapid. Historic events find a common sharing through the media, for instance a teacher can talk about the Second World War only from what the media conveyed. Thus, the media help in passing out historic information from one generation to another. Many historic events could not have what they are today if they had not been reported (Harris, 2009).
The HLN news gives a significant attention to the United States events and celebrities. Youths all over the globe ape the mode of dressing and attitudes toward different issues, which has been a limitation of globalization accelerated by the Media (Harris, 2009). One is also able to compare the behaviors of the modern generation with the youths in the past generation, which is what, creates history. In most cases, the media give a brief background on issues they are focusing on in an attempt to give a proper perspective into a story. The Media always enlightens on different matters ranging from financial or economic conditions, sports, politics, and technology entertainment among other areas (Eldridge and Philo, 1995). The media have facilitated the loss of cultural values among different communities.
Technical Perspective:
HLN news uses combinations of audio and visuals to pass out the intended messages. They cover events and present recorded video and sometimes-live coverage. They are able to use technology to capture all the elements they wish to bring out in news coverage. For instance, they could take live coverage videos to let the audience view the real experience on the ground, may be in reporting demonstrations and industrial actions. Use of high-quality pictures and videos makes the broadcast vivid in the minds of the viewers, thus, facilitating the role of enlightening the public played by the media. The sound and pictures in by the HLN news are of good quality, which enhances the message they pass out. HLN news has thus been promoting and playing its role of keeping the public enlightened on global matters effectively.
Ethical Perspective:
The media are supposed to have some code of behavior, which they use to ensure that they carry out their activities in broadcasting, in a manner that is ethical and morally acceptable. This will regulate on how the broadcasting firms relate with their audience, the government, other broadcasting firms, and the public in general. Behaving unethically beats the vital role of the media news, which is to enlighten the public without prejudice or exaggeration. HLN news maintains its role by ensuring that it gives the details as they are, without favoring one side or giving opinionated reports. It is also ethical for the media to acknowledge their source of data and information, which they use in enlightening the public. Failing to acknowledge the source means that the broadcasts will fail to enlighten the global public (Eldridge and Philo, 1995).
The media often bears ethical issues while broadcasting. Given the many number of people who make use of the information passed by the media to make decisions, the media have a responsibility of ensuring that clear and reliable information finds its way to the audience (Sus.............

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