Running head: 48 laws of power

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Running head: 48 laws of power






The 48 laws of power is a piercing distillation of many years of history of power (Greene,1998). Some people play with power and loose it all by fatal mistake. Some go too far while others make all the right moves and are able to draw power unto themselves. These laws of power are timeless and definitive. These powers seem to apply everywhere that is in the conquest, self-defense, or being an educated spectator.

Among the 48 laws of power there are those that are liked and those that people do not like. Among the liked ones there is the one that states that you should never outshine the master. This law states that you should make those that are above you to always feel comfortably superior. You should not go to extremes when trying to express your talents in order to impress or please people. Things might turn the other way and end up inspiring fear and insecurity. For you to attain the heights of power, you should always make your masters to appear more brilliant than they are. Concealing your intentions is another law that is taken very serious by those who have a desire to attain the heights of power. It states that you should never reveal your purpose behind your actions. People should always be kept off the balance and in the dark for them not to know what you are really doing. This is because they can never prepare a defense without them having a clue of what you are up to. It is important for you guide them far much away from your path and envelope them in a smoke in that they will come realizing your intentions when it is too late and there is nothing they can do about it. This law is very important when one wants to keep off people from knowing what he or she intends to do.

Another law is saying less than necessary. It is important to say less because when you say more, you appear more common hence becoming less in control. You should never try impressing people with your words by saying more. When you are saying something banal, it is always good to make it vague, open-ended and sphinxlike for it to look original. All those that are powerful tend to impress and intimidate people by saying less.  If you say much, you might make a foolish statement and this will degrade you. There is another law that states that so much depends on reputation in that you should guard it with your life. This is a very important law because reputation is the cornerstone of power. It is through reputation alone where you can intimidate and win. If you make a mistake of slipping, you then become vulnerable and it is possible for you to be attacked on all sides. It is good for you to make your reputation unassailable. You should always be alert of some potential attacks and once you realize them you should thwart them before they happen. Destroying enemies is always important so that you can protect your self from being attacked by them. Learn to open holes in their own reputations and by so doing you emerges the winner and it will be hard for them to attack you.

Courting attention at all cost is another law where by everything is judged by how it appears. It is obvious that what is unseen counts for nothing. You should then never let yourself to get lost in the crowd or even buried in the oblivion. It is important for you to stand out and tries to be conspicuous at all cost. For you to attract attention you should appear larger, more colorful and more mysterious than other bland and timid masses. Make other people come to you where you can use bait if necessary is a law that is applied by majority of people. You should never force people to act because you are the one who remains in control. Making opponents come to you is always the best thing where you abandon his plans in the process. It is always important to lure him with fabulous gains and then attack. Here you are the one who holds the cards.

Many people like applying the law of winning through actions and never through arguments. Any victory gained through argument is termed as a pyrrhic victory. It is better for you to stir up the resentment and ill for they are stronger and ends up lasting for long than any momentary of change. Making people agree with you through your actions that your words is very important because seems to be more powerful. You should always learn to demonstrate and not explicate. Another law that makes people become more powerful is the law of making people to be dependent on you. When people needs you and want badly makes you maintain your independence because the more they rely on you the more freedom you have. Always learn to make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity for this leaves you with nothing g to fear. It is important for you not to teach them much so that they can never do without you.

The law of using selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim is mostly applicable especially in law firms by the advocates. A slight move that is honest and sincere covers over dozens of dishonest ones. You should practice openhearted gestures and generosity because they bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. It is always important to use your selective honesty to a hole in other people’s armor in which you are left at a liberty to deceive and manipulate them at your will. A timely gift also serves the same purpose. The law of appealing for people’s self interest and never their mercy whenever asking for help, makes you powerful. Every time you are asking for help you do not need to remind him or her for your past assistant and good deeds for he might find a way of avoiding you. It is always recommended for you to uncover something on your request or your alliance with him that will benefit him and emphasize it out of proportion. When he seems that he has something to gain them he will respond enthusiastically. People also seem to like the law of posing a friend making him work as a spy. It is considered very critical when you know about your rival. It is good setting up spies and using them to gather valuable information that will keep you a step ahead. It is also better for you to play as a spy yourself. You should always learn to probe especially in polite social encounters. When you want people to reveal their weaknesses and their intentions, you should then ask them indirect questions. For a smart spy all occasions are an opportunity to him.

The law of crushing your enemies totally is applied by many people. All the people especially the leaders like this law and they practice crushing their enemies completely. If you do not crash him completely he will seek revenge after recovery and you will end up loosing more. So it is always advised to crush him not only in body but also in spirit for your safety. Use absence to increase respect and honor is a law among the 48 laws of power. Thi.............

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