Rules of The UFC

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Rules of The UFC

Mixed martial arts (MMA) in one of the fastest growing sports, experiencing success on an international level led by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Mixed martial arts is a full contact combat sport that combines techniques from several different disciplines utilizing both striking and grappling from various positions. For ages, there have been questions of which martial art or style of fighting is superior, but in the 1990’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship became established to answer that question. The original premise was to pit masters of one style against masters of another; for example, how would a black belt in Karate fair against a wrestling champion? Though there were a few ground rules, they were not many in the original bare-knuckle contest and no weight classes pitting fighters with opponents almost twice their size. The UFC has come a long way since then to legitimatize itself and has adopted several rules and structures.

Originally, fighters used to focus on one style but this made them one-dimensional and they soon realized that to be great they had to diversify. Nowadays, fighters are not training in kickboxing or wrestling, but train in MMA that takes the most effective techniques from various styles and combines them in a way that is best suited to the sport. Different schools and trainers use different combinations of martial arts to create their distinctive style of fighters. The three most vital and popular styles that a well-rounded mixed martial artist needs to focus on are kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. All the fights start on the feet so it is imperative that fighters must have good knowledge of kickboxing, which utilizes various techniques such as kicking, punching, elbow strikes and knee strikes that can be used offensively in attacking their opponent, or defensively in keeping their opponents at a distance. Wrestling is the most important of the disciplines as fighters with a good wrestling base usually dictate the pace and location of the fight as they can take the fight down to the ground at any time or tie up their opponent in a clinch or against the fence. This neutralizes the kickboxing skills of their opponent and can also be used to wear an opponent down since they have to deal with the weight of the wrestler. Having a good wrestling base also allows a good striker to defend the takedown and keep the fight standing where they have an advantage. Jiu-jitsu, which originated in Brazil, is the most famous as it emphasizes good technique and leverage over strength size, allowing much smal.............

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