Recommendation for American and Mexican Constitutional Changes

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Recommendation for American  and Mexican Constitutional Changes

All forms of constitution should focus on how a country can uphold the sovereignty and freedoms to live fulfilling lives within a government of their choice. In most governments, the legislature performs the necessary constitutional changes that bind the whole country. Several possible changes can make the Mexican and American constitutions better.

Recommended Mexican Constitutional Changes

According to the Mexican constitution, every individual has the right to make reasonable decisions in a free, informed, and responsible manner on the number of children and to time he or she desires. It also gives individuals the freedom to decide the timing between their children. In my opinion, the government should restrict the number of children allowable per family for purposes of national planning in the provision of basic amenities, such as health care, education, resource allocation, and development projects. Currently, Mexico is the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world and 11th globally with a population of nearly 118 million.

The Mexican constitution also provides that all persons have the right to leave or enter the country, travel around its territory, as well as move houses without the need of possessing a passport, letter of passage, safe conduct, or any related document. Despite a few limitations based on criminal records or state restricted movement of persons, this provision appears to have loopholes that need amendment to uphold both national and international security. This provision endangers the security interests of Mexico’s neighboring countries, such as the U.S. and Guatemala. Provisions of this legislation are a possible reason for illegal migrants moving into the U.S. freely.

In addition, the Mexican constitution provides that inhabitants have the legal right to possess and keep firearms at their homes for purposes of personal protection and legitimate self-defense. Despite minimal restrictions with respect to criminal records or state directives, this provision plainly allows citizens to possess arms. This is a possible reason for high crime rates in Mexico, with increased dealings in drug trafficking and insecurity. For purposes of national peace and minimal possession of illegal arms, the Mexican constitution should contemplate instituting restrictions on firearm’s possession and provide citizens with state security. Only under special cases should individuals be allowed to possess and keep firearms in their homes.

The Mexican constitution also stipulates that only Mexicans have the legal right to own lands as well as obtaining licenses to exploit mines, lands, and waters. It though stipulates that foreigners may be granted exploitation licenses provided they consider themselves as Mexican citizens.............

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