Reading reflection

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Reading reflection

The reading, The David Koresh manuscript: exposition of the seven seals mainly focuses on the book of Revelation, where it brings the accounts on judgment and brings out the seven seals.  The article makes us believe that Christ is the mediator between man and God.  The reading makes us believe that it is on the last days, and the predictions have been fulfilled.  The book also brings out the seven seals and explains them in a broad spectrum to help us understand the power of Christ.  David in this article says that we should come out of our closets and become lovers of Christ. This shows that he focuses on calling the people to seek Christ and get the true salvation. David believes that one day God is going to reestablish his fallen kingdom.  It brings out that God is going to bring up His kingdom.

The reading also makes us believe that, although Jesus Christ came into the world He is not of the world.  It also shows that although Jesus Christ was rejected on earth He is still the King. Many of the religious people rejected him, but he still stood and remained a King. The reading focuses on making the people believe that, the Kingdom of God is not of earth but heaven. It encourages us to know and understand that, the time for judgment is at hand. We are encouraged to hear and follow the words of the prophecy because judgment is at hand. That is why John in the book of Revelation writes to the seven churches to awaken them on the coming of Jesus Christ and how they should set themselves apart for the coming of Jesus Christ.  This makes the Christians believe that Jesus is coming soon, and they ought to be prepared.

The writer makes the coming of Jesus Christ clear by interpreting the book of Revelation majorly about the seven seals.  That is why in the reading David ordered the interpreted book to be distributed to religious leaders, scholars and the general public. By David saying that, God is going to reestablish his Kingdom he meant that the Lordship of Christ reigns forever. This is according to the Bible where Jesus Christ had promised David that his Kingdom would last forever. When Jesus is taken before Pilate, he finds him not guilty which showed that Jesus was the son of God, who came to die for our sins. However, Pilate did not heed to this although he knew Jesus Christ was the son of God he causes the blood of the innocent to shed. Here we are meant to believe that Jesus was the true Lord thus we ought to acknowledge his Lordship in our lives.

The reading expounds the seals to make us believe that Jesus Christ is coming soon. The first seal explains how we are supposed to reveal the nature of God the founder and the author of revelation.  He shows that God is omnipotent by how he created the whole universe by the word of mouth by his power everything came to pass. That is why He sent his only son to come and fulfill the purpose that He had for mankind.  Those who receive the seals they receive grace in Christ Jesus. God requires our worship that is why in the scripture angels bow down to worship Him. This shows that the main purpose that God created the hum.............

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