Rationale for the Study

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Rationale for the Study
The project will look into ways in which psychology has been used through Industrial organization to increase workplace productivity and related issues i.e. physical and mental well being of employees and the community at large. The research focuses on Industrial organizational psychologists perform a wide range of tasks, including developing the world to a uniform standard. The research applies psychological theories and principles to communal and organizational practices.
Since in an organization managers are looking into ways of increasing work output, they will do to all levels in order to do this. Others will employ the use of music during working hours so as to entertain workers. Since world is going through an unprecedented ecological change, there is a resultant critical loss of biodiversity. Such losses are as a result of human actions on the environment. Addressing climate change is a pressing issue that is facing our planet and its inhabitants, workers are therefore needed to put an extra effort in combating the change. The primary aim of the research is to engage the psychology community such as researchers, teachers, students and professors in the issue of motivating workers in an organization. The report will describe psychological contribution to research and their dimensions to global climate change and how they provide research recommendations.
Over the years there have been a growing number of people studying issues and connections between psychology and environment. Conservatism Psychology on the other hand, has grown to a level that it is seeking to understand human behavior in relation to their environment. It seeks ways in which it can encourage behavior that promotes sustainability in the work place. Application of psychological theories and principles of communal and organizational practices will encourage activities aimed at increasing the out put of workers.
Constant sound is a situation where workers work in an enviro.............

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