rapiddevelopment in technology in Adidas Company

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rapiddevelopment in technology in Adidas Company


Adidas Company. 1

Introduction. 1

Therapiddevelopment in technology has madetheworldbecomesocompetitivethatcompanies across theworld are tryinghardto get over one another by beingdistinctive intherespectivefield. Adidas is world renowned companyforsportsequipment, clothing as well as, otheraccessories. The Company wasestablished in Germany in 1949, by Adolf Dassler. Thename Adidas is known to be synonymous with the sporting industry. Today, the Adidas Company has become a global publiccompany as well as, one of thelargestsportsbrands around theworld.Thecompanymainly targets theyouth, theconsumers from uppermiddleclass, theconsumerswholovesports as well as theconsumerswho are fashionableandstylish (Brassington, & Pettitt, 2003). In summary, thepaper will give a report on Adidas’ marketing mix assessment

Adidas Company Marketing mix
It is evidentthateveryorganization across theworld is looking at their marketing in relation to themarketing mix.Marketing mix is significant in assessingandbalancingtheelements of the mix that helps in meetingtheneeds of thecustomers. The four P’s include;

Themainaim of thecompany is to satisfytheneedsorwants of theconsumers. As a result, the company is developing a new innovative technology that will make them to continue competing with Nike and Puma. Thecompany upholds its brand by upgrading as well as improvingtheproducts’ innovative features along with quality in order to satisfy its customers. Thecompany has maintained a culture of providingproducts with highquality to their customers. Its productportfoliois enhanced through innovationswheretheyprovidea wellknownbrandforsports apparels, accessoriesand equipments.

TheCompany is able to penetratethemarketingbecause their productsseem to be cheaper than their competitorssuch as Nile, Fila andmany others.As a result, the Company is developing amarket skimming strategywhich will help them in pricing their products. This is significant because it will help the company to continue achieving their setgoalsandobjectives.Thecompany’s involvement in evaluation practices will help the company to ensure that their productswill always staycompetitive at thepoint of sale.

TheCompanydistributessome of their products to thevarioussportingoutletssuch as the Royal Sporting House. Thecompanyfuture plans in regard to places where they will sell their products will include online purchasing through the internet. Conversely, thecompanyisadopting a global planthat will help the company in promoting their products to the consumers. Thecompany is alsosetting up an “integrateddistribution roadmap” that willensurethat there is furthergrowth as well as, to increasethebrandpresence in affluentcities.

Adidas Company promotionobjective is to becomethenumber one sporting brand worldwide. Thecompany’s’ promotion mix includesuse of Internet, point of sale, advertising through massmedia as well as the “impossible is Nothing” campaign. Today, thecompanysellsproducts in almostallcountry across worldwide. Thecompany has adopted different promotional tools that will help them in reducingthenumber of lostcustomers as well as, to increasesales. The Company is also setting up an incomparableportfolio of thepromotionpartnerships with theinternationalrecognizedsportsassociations which include UEFA, FIFA, and NBA.

Strengths of Adidas Company
The Adidas Company has innovative ways that involvetheuse of technologies to attractconsumers. Thestrongand innovative marketing since yearshaveenabledthecompany to createstrongbrandretention in themind of thecustomers. Forexample, they are able to express a newvariety of their productseverytime. The Company on theotherhand, has developed a longheritage along with highbrandvalue since 1924 that offersqualityproducts as well as, attractingeducatedemployeeswho are willing to communicatethemessage of their products. In addition, thecompanyis alsoknown to havebees sponsoring majorsportseventssuch as Olympics andmajorsportsmen. Theotherstrength of Adidas Company is thatit has a worldwidepresence which is internationallyrecognized. All thesestrengthsenablethe Adidas Company to meettheneeds of their customersand to differentiatethe firm from thecompetitorssuch as Nike, Reebok, Bata, Liberty, Puma, Fila andmany others (Smit, 2006).

However, Adidas Company has severalopportunities that makeitgain its competitiveadvantage; the firm has various technological advancements as well as emerginginternationalmarkets that are related to servingtheneeds of customers in that, the firm satisfythedesirefor their products along with experience across othercount.............

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