Question- “? I think, therefore I am”?? is

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Question- “? I think, therefore I am”?? is

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The philosophical statement by Rene Descartes saying, “I Think, therefore I Am” has no proof of the existence. The philosopher thought of an ideal material that served as a foundation for his statement by looking at something untrue about human existence. The statement claims that a person must exist through doubts. Most people have believed in its existence though on my side the statement does not clearly validate its argument. First, Rene statement assumes that ‘I” only exists before making a conclusion, meaning that an individual must think before concluding the existence of an “I” (, 2003). Descartes’ ‘cogito ergo sum’ has been declined by many philosophers since it does not have a valid conclusion on how powerful an “I” could logically assume the existence. Rene’s statement makes senses deceive us through imagination with no logical validation.

Moreover, Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum” gives an “I” the duty of .............

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