Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Question 1

The particularity of the organization is that they strive to present the best services to the large population in the region so as to serve both the local residents as well as the emigrant visitors. Sustainability is a fact that the organization strives to attain. It is because with availability of sustainable resources, all functions will as well remain in a balance and ensure adequacy.

The business of the organization is to look at the combating the effects of desalination with a view of maintaining the best attractive sites such that it becomes a tourist destination hub in the region. These large populations pose a stiff constraint to the council resources and infrastructure. The organization endeavors to provide the best service through quality adherence and hence the need for best excellence as well as financial sustainability.

The strategies employed are the improvement of processes so that every element in the system is no an obstacle to the quality outcome. It employed PDSA-plan, do, study, and act-thus enabling the organization to lay focus on the set objectives through planning properly, doing tasks as planned, scrutinizing, and taking action on any idea that come on the way of implementation. Consequently, staff had to undergo training so as to keep their skills up to date for continual improvement.

The means of attaining this is through a study of the employees as well as the population. A survey gets administered. It presents the opinion from all parties and this permit the management to come up with informed decisions. Through it, there is going to be good infrastructure within the establishment and might extend to the council, and availability of resources.

The context of all these is that quality of services to the clients is mandatory and that is way emphasis is on improvement. Clients are going to continue coming as long as they get satisfactory services from the company. Therefore in order for the company to present a best destination site for tourist, excellence as well as effective quality services is only the answer.

Question 2

Quality is the essence of provision of services as well as products that conform to set standards. The journey embraced by the organization is focusing on process improvement, best excellence adherence, and sustainable finances. Owing to the stress on the existing resources as a result of high population, quality of services as well as products is inevitable with no compromise on quality.

Process improvement entails alignment of all the elements that constitute work functions in the organization with a view of realizing effectual services as well as efficiency. It is possible through aligning existing procedures so as to be in line with set quality standards. The top management gets training so as to uphold their leadership training based on the needed improvement. It facilitates leading in the right direction. Additionally, the department gets to break up their roles, set clear objectives and targets. Through it, they are capable of measuring performance based on the attained targets as well as describing the challenges a.............

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