Qatar is not fit for Hosting World Cup in 2022

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Qatar is not fit for Hosting World Cup in 2022

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1.0 Introduction

The big event hosted after every four years comes with lots of benefits to a nation. Coupled with it are the drawbacks. A number FIFA World Cup host nations encounter economic problems later, like Germany. Therefore, there’s a danger of carrying out FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. As a result, Qatar has to take into account all the attentions needed so as to avert such effects or else, Qatar is going to be infeasible to host World Cup. All the way through substantial financial, societal, and politically aware attempts, Qatar has intentionally pursued to inscribe a distinctive uniqueness for himself as a major regional and international player. Qatar has practically exploited its massive oil and gas affluence in the method of “check-book diplomacy” as processes to undertake massive-scale ventures and schemes, acquisitions of power, and aid its country labeling and public mediation approaches. Besides to having apparently immeasurable monetary resources, Qatar is strategically set up to permit personal orders from the privileged to arise to realization (Schulz & Filckr, 2014).

Free from financial, partisan, and other limitations, the Qatari governance is capable to exclusively style personal principle into strategies that are speedily executed. According to Thani (2014), Qatar is administered by individuality political affairs, and by wealth as well as vision. What the eminent requires is what gets completed. The country is run by three people- and Prime Minister- Sheikh Moza, the Foreign Minister and the Emir. They undertake it with no censure system in their technique, and with unrestrained resources at their disposal. Qatar’s dynamic energies to brand its nation via a broad range of enterprises in financial, social, and politically aware scopes increases numerous queries and present sufficient chances for further investigation. Are additional variations and country-branding strategies supportable in a nation obsessed by individuality politics? The three leaders have succeeded in adopting a spectrum of outstanding systems mostly since they have confronted no real monetary or governmental restrictions. In reality, they have put off Qatar’s establishments to forge ahead with schemes that raise profile when they see that the procedure can be decelerated down (Thani, 2014).

According to Bose (2014), Qatar is experiencing a detrimental situation that might cause the country to forcefully lose the right to hold the world cup due to many allegations. Pepe (2013) assert that a lot of criticisms of holding world cup in Qatar are immense and come from all spheres. The study is going to establish the reasons why it is not fit for holding world cup in 2022. It is grounded on the allegations made against the nation (Bose, 2014). The paper begin with an overview of the nation’s economy, the benefits of world cup together with the cost incurred in hosting the event through comparison with other leagues, and in the end put forth the criticisms and give a conclusion.

2.0 Qatar Economic Perspective

Although Qatar owns a huge expanse of prosperity owing to plentiful natural liquid gas, hosting the world cup is going to prove to be very expensive as a result of the fundamental infrastructure development. The Qatar GDP takes on to go up regardless of economic turmoil. The policy on economic development is such that it develops sectors that are not connected to oil reserves as well as augmenting foreign investment. It is this that keeps the Qatar GDP increasing.  As at 2011, the GDP grew by twenty percent that was probed by the expansion in the sector of gas. Additionally, the robust emphasis on big infrastructure developments in Qatar, lots of the capital venture prediction for the next decade is subsidized by governmental bodies. Even though they carry on to be a momentous number of profitable schemes under expansion with private investors, an important percentage of the non-hydrocarbon venture is sponsored by an unimportant number of major stake-holders. According to IMF, the per capita is approximated to be $ 90,000 which is attributed to the 14% of the total gas reserves it commands. The success in the bid to host world cup in the year 2022 came as a surprise as well as an excitement to the country. It has put the country in the hall mark of fame. However, it has come with so many challenges on the actual delivery (Preuss, 2012).

3.0 The Economic Possibilities of Hosting World Cup

In order to host the great event and deliver, Qatar needs to heavily invest on pertinent issues such as the infrastructure. The investment varies from 60 billion to more the 200 billion US dollars. There is going to be remarkable urban progress from the erection of state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral fields to high standard transport links to be attained via a sequence of infrastructure assignments comprising rail, metro links, as well as train. The occasion is anticipated to excite a progressively specialized economy via improved harmonization amid the private as well as the public-sector. The huge involvement of the local employment in an occasion of this extent is also probable to encourage indigenous talent in a town overshadowed by emigrant workforces, making the capability of both personalities and establishments. The occasion similarly has the ability to compel softer expansion goals like enhancing the healthiness of a nation that carry on to document gradually upsetting fatness and diabetes percentages, delivering a well-defined instance of the transformational influence mega-events can have on a town’s broader progression agenda (Saleh, 2013). However, in the economic viewpoint, it is costly.

3.1 Infrastructure, Housing, and Transportation Costs

Presently, the state of infrastructure in the city of Doha is moderate. The government is endeavoring to make the city a hub in UAE region competing with Dubai. Current development proves to bring this to reality with the construction of the state of the art infrastructure. The transportation costs is fairly affordable bearing in mind that the region rest in oil reserves making prices of transportation cheap as well as accessibility. Housing is moderately cheap as well. There is a great effort in investing in the development of modern infrastructure which a critical aspect in the economy as well as flow of business tasks. It is noted that it is going to increase efficiency in the country (Moubaydeen, 2013).

3.2 Cost Comparison with Previous World Cups and other International Events

In a comparison of the other event hosted internationally such as the Olympic Games. The approximated expenses of world cup in Brazil which is $ 6 billion is very low when compared with $ 40 billion spend on Olympics at Sochi and $ 14 billion at the Oly.............

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