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Assessment is the process collecting and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a detailed understanding of what students know understand and can do with their knowledge as a result in their experience in the field of education.  It can also be defined as the systematic collection, review and use of information about programs in education which is undertaken with the target of improving students learning and development.

Culture is a characteristic of a particular group of people defined by their religion, language, music, arts and social habits.

Salient is something that is noticeable or important, clear to see or even obvious. In the field of assessment the role of culture is very important, because assessment being the process of collecting or gathering information among a group of people, culture is obviously the key in order to get a result in your assessment.

Psychologist are experts in behavior of human being, they use scientific methods to study the factors that influence peoples’ way of thinking, feel and learn, and lay evident strategies and interventions to help people overcome challenges and improve their performance.

Are psychologist assessment culturally biased? The answer is yes. Since the cross-sectional psychologist are involved in identifying the relationship between culture and the peoples’ behavior by trying to pin-point at what extent has culture and behavior leads to one another since there are two different things.

Should student be allowed to take assessment on the language spoken at school or at home? The answer is both the languages .............

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