Project management

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Project management


This essay begins by defining the roles and the importance of project managers. It outlines the difference between information technology project and other projects and how a project manager should deal with such changes. It also defines what taking a system view of a project is and how a project manager does it. The main technique in verification of scope and an example of scope management is also given. The author concludes by defining a critical path in a project and why project managers should focus on them.


Projects are temporal activities that are done to provide goods and services to many people. They go through processes before they can get approved. It is important to do adequate research before any project to determine whether it will be beneficial or a waste (Croxall 2011).


Project managers have the roles of ensuring that everything in the project runs smoothly. They use a project plan to evaluate and control all the activities of the project. Leadership is very important to project managers since it aids them in managing various resources of the project.

Informational technology projects differ from other types of projects in that the outcome cannot be predicted before the actual completion of the project. Project managers sho.............

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