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  1. Did I get the message across?

According to my own opinion, I think my message regarding an individualized education plan; IEP was clearly understood by the principal during my presentation. I expressed my concern to the principal about the child having emotional disorder and went ahead to explain about his scholarly performance and that it was way below the stipulated performance expected from him.

Being a teacher, one ought to understand the students’ main strengths and weaknesses so that you can identify the best alternative to seek in order to help the student become successful and independent in life. This particular student portrayed emotional weaknesses and if properly understood, he could end up being an important figure in the near future.

While addressing the principal, I think the PowerPoint presentation used was of great importance. I think the principal understood it clearly, because it went ahead and highlighted the main areas that incorporate an IEP including the main goals and objectives, the advantages of using such a plan, and what takes place during such meetings.

Although it was not included in my PowerPoint presentation, I briefly explained to the principal that every contributing member towards the success of the student beforehand shares his or her thoughts and concerns about the student. The next step, which I explained was the necessity to discuss the team’s thoughts together with the compiled evaluation and assessment data towards coming up with a conclusive decision about the final implementation of the IEP.

I feel that my message was well understood and it would serve the purpose it was intended for. Even though it did not incorporate certain aspects like the short-term goals for the student, the principal had a clear picture of my intentions for the IEP.


  1. Will this information build the capacity of staff to support positive results for students with disabilities?

Part of the information included in the IEP initially would be of good help to the staff involved in the process. The information will make certain the results that come about in the process will be of positive help and the disabled student will be accorded the best available help there is. Even though the information is not as comprehensive as expected, it will be useful. I strongly feel it would be necessary if certain information might have been integrated in the IEP for example the student’s short-term goals. This would have made the IEP be unique in its own way because one Individual Education Plan is not similar to another IEP and it is not inclusive of the usual day-to-day teaching and lecture strategies. It can be a plan that looks at the student’s placement or the modifications that would be effective in a classroom setup.

In order to build further the staff’s capacity in upholding the appropriate results, I strongly felt that the student’s assessment ought to have been assessed using additional tools so as to yield accurate results. Examples of assessment tools that would have been included are

According to my description of the student’s current educational performance, I included an area where his life skills would be addressed, his social and behavioral skills, and his functions in physically, and how his disabilities have affected his general educational progress. The anecdotal information the student’s class teacher provided together with the description of the student’s skills would enhance the team’s process.

In my IEP, I include the stipulated period within which the student’s problem was recognized and in accordance with the state laws, the period taken for implementation. Since an IEP meeting occurs annually to review the student’s progress, to ensure the student’s goals and objectives are set.

  1. Have I incorporated the message of compliance with improved educational outcomes for students with disabilities?

I think I have incorporated the necessary compliance information as expected. An Individual Education Plan’s evaluations are the procedures that are used in agreement with the state laws. These procedures may be used to determine whether the student has a disability and the necessary means of education to use. This evaluation takes place during a meeting between the relevant professions and the IEP team.

I feel that my IEP was inclusive of the improved educational results necessary for students with disabilities because apart from the .............

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